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The boat operation is on winter break until March 23 2024.

20.00 CHF
per person

Rock Experience

Loud thundering and roaring is guaranteed at the largest waterfall in Europe, because here the water falls from around 23 m into the depths. In the midst of this natural spectacle, you have the unique opportunity to climb the Middle Rock. It’s not quite easy to reach, but it’s really worth it, because the giant is something very special.

Duration 30 minutesSkip the line ticketRhine Falls Highlight

8.00 CHF
per person

15-Minute Round Trip

You can experience first-hand what makes this natural spectacle so fascinating on our 15 Minute Round Trip. On this tour you will see one of the most famous natural attractions in Europe from its best side. Dare to change your perspective and capture the best moments of this getaway by the water with your perfect photos.

Duration 15 minutesSkip the line ticketFamily favorite

11.00 CHF
per person

30-Minute Audio Round Trip

If you want to explore the Rhine Falls like a true explorer, then the 30-Minute Audio Round Trip is a must.

Duration 30 minutesavailable in 21 languagesSkip the line ticket

6.00 CHF
per person

Ferry Tour

The Ferry Tour is your comfortable and fast connection between the two banks of the Rhine, Schlössli Wörth and Schloss Laufen.

Duration 5 minutesSkip the line ticket

48.00 CHF
per person

Sunday Breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast on the probably most beautiful terrace in Switzerland…

Duration 2.5 hoursFor the whole family

590.00 CHF
for 2 persons

Romantic River

Drop anchor in the Rhine Falls basin and enjoy a dinner in front of a dreamlike scenery…

Duration 2.5 hours